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We empower the youth in taking a better path for tomorrow.

Who We Are

Camp Worth LLC is a community-based care provider in Texas. Community Care is a new way of providing foster care and case management services. Our community-based approach is meeting the individual and unique needs of the youth and their families by connecting them to resources that include but are not limited to education, health, clinical practices, education, and basic living skills that assist with independence, success, and growth.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide quality care that exhibits our commitment to services of excellence. We believe that we grow better citizens by connecting them to their next step in collaboration with our partners, governing agencies, the community, and family. We are committed to addressing the needs that will enhance the lives of the youth we care for through stabilization, decision-making, education, and emphasizing the importance of self-worth.

Our Vision

We are highly trained professionals committed to empowering the youth with complex and varied needs to achieve stabilization with the best individual outcomes for them and their families.

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Our Core Values

We are a workforce that operates with integrity and maintains loyalty to a code of ethics that takes ownership in providing the highest quality of service to those who have significant challenges. We are a solutions-focused organization, providing transparency in our actions and accountability of results. We have a foundation built on Culture Awareness, Respect, Diversity, and Communication. We are a high-performing organization, unified in our goal of excellence in achieving quality outcomes for those we serve.

Philosophy of Camp Worth LLC

Camp Worth has a youth-guided stance and a philosophy that is evident in the developments and delivery of services, systems, approaches, and interventions. We implement the best practices and incorporate the knowledge and tools into the training and materials we distribute during orientation for employees and the youth we serve. Camp Worth has consulted foster care families and volunteers, youth, and leaders within the community to ensure that our approach and stance are proper, fair, and understandable.

Meeting Challenges

Camp Worth’s philosophy is innate to our problem-solving abilities. We understand the need to be persistent and have perseverance when presented with challenges. It is our passion that stems from the understanding acquired by each challenge presented that elevates our learning. We understand that with failure, there is an opportunity to learn, which is a key element to all of the skill sets. Our goal is to empower youth by addressing their challenges and building support within their communities. Camp Worth strives to inspire and empower youth for all possibilities in whatever they so desire. We work to help them understand that with hard work, patience, practice, and good decision-making, they are capable of exploring and concurring the unthinkable and making their dreams a reality.

Strengthening Communication

Camp Worth is a partnership, not only with the youth and family members whom we serve but the community and all governing agencies. It is with teamwork, effort, understanding, patience, and cooperation that each youth will learn proper self-expression and good judgment in all areas of life. Camp Worth respects and encourages the youth to have a voice for it is with honest communication that one can identify and address his/her passion and dreams while learning and implementing that which is essential to growing. It is important to us that each youth entrusted in our care does not feel the need to fit in any certain mold or is not hesitant to express his/her feelings. Camp Worth recognizes that being able to speak your mind properly and respectfully is an important part of independence. Our community is built on effective, respectful, and honest communication for all. Camp Worth is committed to the patience, hard work, challenges, and failures that allure the common goal of success.

Healthy Community Relationship Matters

Camp Worth understands that the fundamental way to a person’s growth is to form a successful, healthy, and lasting relationship with their community. This means that the youth must first understand what a healthy relationship is and how it looks. With this, they understand and own their responsibilities and accountability rather than having feelings of entitlement. Camp Worth is committed to ensuring all youth entrusted in our care are knowledgeable of their community, its resources, and its functions.

Camp Worth understands the need for the youth to have a positive experience that is built on normalcy and fun while learning and implementing best practices. Therefore, we are committed to designing an individual and diverse experience while exploring the best community to connect the youth with so that they may feel comfortable within it and socialize. Camp Worth believes that this approach will encourage positive interactions that will not only connect the youth but grow their character. This will, in turn, create positive changes that will impact their lives and will help them better understand and survive within their communities.

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