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What You Should Know About Our Building Bridges Initiative

Building Bridges Mission in Partnership with Camp Worth

The Mission

Building Bridges Initiative identifies and promotes practice and policy initiatives that will create strong and closely coordinated partnerships and collaborations between families, youth, community- and residential-based treatment and service providers, advocates, and policymakers. This is to ensure that comprehensive services are family-driven, youth guided, strength-based, culturally and linguistically competent, individualized, evidence practice-informed, and consistent with the research on sustained positive outcomes.

Camp Worth’s Supports Family Involvement and Your Rights

Camp Worth understands that family involvement is essential to the growth and willingness of the youth to actively participate within the services provided. Visitation rights between the child and family members or the child and friends will not be restricted but encouraged. Camp Worth does not have home visits/passes but acknowledges and respects that each youth is entitled to family time. Therefore, upon the approval from the Primary Caseworker and/or governing/Partnering Agency, all family time will be allowed. Camp Worth has an open-door policy and not only extends the invitation but also encourages all approved family members/support persons to be involved.

Camp Worth will work with and encourage positive interactions and support from all members involving the youth, and this includes the child’s right to correspond by mail, phone, and visits while receiving gifts with/from family members and friends. Camp Worth must have a list of all approved persons, including prudent information concerning the level of supervision for each individual listed. Camp Worth will not allow any unsupervised internet usage and has a restriction on all electronic devices that have access to the internet. This includes the capability to record audio and or actual footage, as Camp Worth must respect and protect the privacy of each youth in its care.

Camp Worth respects the individual right to freedom of religion and will support the youth within their spiritual choice by implementing designated days for religious services should any youth wish to attend. Camp Worth will also ensure our due diligence is done to try and have materials and access to individuals within the community to serve as spiritual teachers and provide spiritual guidance. Camp Worth understands that religious practices are that of freedom and will not be forced but will attempt to find a place for all attendance or interaction regarding any services, events, or structure and will be voluntary.